Energy revolution platform

NTUITY is the next step in energy optimisation: decentralised, redundant and open. Devices can be intelligently connected between different locations. The self-optimised energy management reduces the costs of electricity significantly. The public API enables new services and applications with new business models to utilise energy more economically.


Connects and controls local energy devices with a self-optimising energy management system.

Energy management

The self-optimising energy management system reduces the energy costs significantly.

Plug & Play

NTUITY Link connects with all local devices automatically within the network and controls them intuitively.

Hardware independent

NTUITY is independent of any hardware or manufacturer.


In combination with NTUITY Link, distributed locations are connected. Applications can be integrated via the API.

Energy optimisation

Artificial intelligence enables the EMS to improve and learn continuously.


Alarms are sent via notifications in the app and via email or SMS.

Unlimited possibilities with the API

The API enables development of third party software products or extensions of the platform.


With the control center in the cloud, connected devices can be independently analysed, monitored and controlled.

Real time monitoring

The visualisation shows all devices and their data in real-time. Across all locations and with configurable access management.

Location independent control

The devices can be controlled manually via the control center. Responses to device errors are possible as well.

Access for maintaining partners

Permanent secure access to the data, which can be exported for further use.