Many years of experience ensure that building automation solutions are expertly achieved. You can rely on our expertise.

Renewable energy

Switching to renewable energy sources is the key to climate change. It is important to integrate them effectively and cost-effectively.


Solar energy

Take advantage of the power plant that is our sun.
No CO2, soot or particulate matter is produced when converting solar energy into electricity. Solar energy is friendly to the environment.

Energy storage

Smart and efficient energy storage systems for electricity and heat are becoming more and more important. Our solutions create independence.

Electric charging stations

Electric power systems will play a significant role in our mobility.
Comprehensive coverage, fast charging times and ever-increasing ranges ensure the advance of clean mobility.

Measurement and control technology

Our innovative solutions providing economical and efficient process control.


Energy management

Smart energy management guarantees your energy needs are met at all times, while conserving resources and saving costs.

Ventilation, heating and cooling

We offer optimal systems for controlling temperature and room climate throughout the year. It makes being comfortable easy.

Sauna, pool and garden

Create a fully-automated wellness oasis, complete with light, audio and aroma.

Building control and lighting technology

Control and monitor all of your building’s automated functions centrally, simply and clearly.


User interface.

Easy to operate and yet everything under your control: With our user interface you can control complex building control technology comfortably and easily.

Privacy and sun protection

Control your blinds automatically. The intelligent control technology responds to daylight, sunlight and weather conditions.


Customizable lighting ensures a pleasant ambiance in living and working areas. Define the mood using our systems.

Security, network, IT and multimedia

Our solutions allow your building to think. They enable control at the push of a button and are backed up by safe and stable systems.



Alarm and access

We take care of your security. Our solutions range from automatic locking systems and access control to video intercoms and alarm systems.


Network and communication

We create a stable overall network for your building which is safe and perfectly coordinated.


Conference, audio, video and signals

We network audio and video throughout the building. Create modern meeting rooms, entertainment and high-quality acoustic solutions in any room of your choice.